My toffee obsession 


Fancy some toffee, Darling Sweets new range is all the hype. Clinton Moodley tried some.

For anyone who knows me,  they know that I have a sweet tooth.

Every night before either go to bed,  I enjoy a sweet treat.

When Darling Sweets dropped off a toffee package for me last month I could not wait to sink my teeth into its tasty range.

I instantly fell in love with their range of toffees and cannot get enough. They have a wide range of flavours- from Bird’s Eye Chili to Red Wine and Chocolate(my favourite).Their recently released Coffee Toffee is also worth a try.
There are nine flavours from which to choose, including Tannie Evita’s Classic, Honey and Salt, Orange and Cranberry and Mint.

Darling Sweet toffees are handcrafted using traditional methods and with no artificial colorants, flavourings or preservatives added.
Darling Sweet also manufactures toffee spreads in three flavours – Tannie Evita’s Classic, Bird’s Eye Chili, and Honey and Salt,  which I am hoping to try soon.
For more information, visit


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