5 looks I love from Hombre’s Warrior range

Menswear designer, Vanessa Pillay, is a force to be reckoned with and her Warrior range, showcased at this year’s Durban Fashion Fair, shows that she has what it takes to take the international market by storm.

Here are some looks I totally loved and how it can be incorporated to daily looks:

Look 1:

Hombre 1

This black coated scuba and embossed printed satin jacket can be styled with a casual tee by day and at night can turn into a great evening wear dinner jacket. It can be paired with a crisp white shirt and formal tie.


Look 2:

Hombre 2

The Triacetate black with contrast silk screen print designed by Vanessa has a sporty feel. She says it is perfect to use for a run or for a boy’s night.


Look 3:

Hombre 3This padded bomber with printed pockets is perfect for those cosy days.  Vanessa suggests it be paired with a polo neck.


Look 4:Hombre 4

This black and red leather jacket can be worn by a casual inner and jeggings and for social gatherings. It can also be turned to a more formal look for evening wear.


Look 5:Hombre 5

This look was my favourite. Her twill jacket can be turned into a casual look that is paired with a hoody or a polo neck. It can also be worn as a smart coat.


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