Surf Riders has something for everyone

Surf Riders on the Durban Beachfront is a hidden gem you should visit sometime. I was recently invited to lunch with a group of friends to sample some of the items on their menu.

Everyone should try Surf Rider’s new menu. Picture: Denver Govender

The manager, Samantha Shaw, escorted our table of four to a spot inside. The Durban weather was gloomy, but not the menu.

Their new summer menu is a treat, offering meals for the fussiest of eaters. Among them is their Hawaiian Poke, a delightful bowl of goodness, filled with either sushi or banting vegetable noodles with choices of ahi tuna, chicken teriyaki, rump beef or Asian BBQ pork rib and luscious helpings of edamame beans, cucumbers, avocado and seaweed. I had mine with the tuna, and it was glorious. I could not stop taking big mouthfuls, until it was eventually gone.

Picture: Denver Govender.

For someone who finds it hard to find good vegetarian options, Surf Riders manages to reinvent the wheel by customising their meals to suit vegetarians and vegans. She says people who are lactose intolerant bring in their own almond milk for their morning cuppa.

She simply puts it as “We make a plan.”

“We believe in producing meals that are organic and fresh and everything is made in-house. There are many health variations that we have added to the menu to suit our morning joggers and fitness fanatics…”  she says as we tuck into the vegetarian pizza laid before us. I sprinkle some red chillies on the pizza slice, which provides just the kick I need for the cold weather.

The restaurant recently created a healthy ‘milkshake in a glass’ that I absolutely love. My one was filled with goji berry, flax seeds and almond flakes.

For those who do not mind the extra calories, I recommend that you try their range of gourmet milkshakes. I literally died and went to heaven when I sipped their caramel variant, topped with honeycomb and popcorn. Once you start, it’s hard to stop.

Their new menu will include seafood linguini, bacon carbonara, salmon, clam and prawn pasta as well as whole fire roasted fish.

Picture: Denver Govender.

Be on the lookout for their new Fridays Tap House live performances by Veranda Panda. On the menu are wood fire prawns, Moroccan style nachos and Mexican fish tacos. Sessions start from November.


Pet friendly

The restaurant is dog friendly and offers meals like poochini snack biscuit, made with peanut butter sauce and ice cream.


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