Are you a December driver?

Make sure you are cautious when travelling this festive season.

It truly is the silly season, the silly season of bad drivers that is. At a time when alcohol is drunk just as much as water, accidents are plenty. In Durban, my hometown, I have seen more than a dozen accidents in a space of a week.

The state of drivers on the road this season leaves much to be desired. That brings me to my topic of December drivers. I do not know about you, but I hate the way some people drive during the December to early January period. Recently, I saw one guy bolt agressively from one lane to the next, in peak hour traffic, unaware of the number of accidents he would have caused if the other drivers were not cautious enough. He didn’t even apologise for his bad driving. Do not even get me started with bus and taxi drivers. I mean, they cut through lanes like they are in a racing car video game. And do not even bother waiting for an apology, some drivers disregard others because they are in a hurry and do not follow simple road etiquette.

During December, government does their best to promote no drinking and driving, but some drivers are just plain foolish, even without having alcohol in their system.

I believe that one should just follow the rules of the road, and try to practice courtesy to avoid those terrible accidents.

The festive season is filled with family, fun and happiness, and one silly mistake on the road can cause heartache for a lifetime.

No one wants to spend hours filing statements, in hospital or face the other pains that come with having an accident when they can be having lazy days on the beach or braai with their loved ones.

Another issue on the road this festive season is rage. People often get riled up and can possible do something they regret.

December drivers can be a pain, but try not to resort to violence. With the rise of illegal use of guns and assault in the country, it’s better to report bad driving than being involved in a blood bath.

Speed kills, but so does road rage. As we get into bumper season, let us follow the rules of the road and practice safe driving.

Besides, we all want to make it to 2018 alive and well.


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