NEW: It’s A Fav

Hi readers😁

Thank you for always clicking on my links. Here’s a new column called Its A Fav that highlights all my likes for the week. Sit back, relax and enjoy the read. 📝✏😊


UnReal is back with their third season and I am over the moon.
Fans waited for more than a year for the drama series to air on Lifetime. For those who are not familiar with the show, UnReal gives the behind the scene look of the dating show called Everlasting. Think the Bachelor minus the bore.

I am also thrilled that How To Get Away With Murder is back after a two week hiatus.


I am loving Pizza Hut on Florida Road. As work is just a kilometer away, I always find myself driving to get a pizza lunch every so often. I love their tropical vegetarian pizza. I usually add a bit of their peri peri sauce to give it that burst of flavor. I’m thinking of trying their chocolate pizza next.
BTW Pizza Hut Florida Road, why was I not invited to your launch last year?


Summer is literally my least favorite season of the year. So I love preparing a chilled mango tonic at home. I use Barker and Quin Indian Tonic Water and mix a thick Mango juice. To finish, I add fresh mango slices. It’s refreshing and flavourful. For an alcoholic option, add some vodka.

Beach walks

Nothing beats a cool jog on the beach.

Not only is it a great mood booster, it is also great for my health.

Park runs

I’m loving the park run concept. The 5km runs happen across the country every Saturday. Plus, they are absolutely free.


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